Muscle Imbalance assessment

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What is the muscle imbalance assessment?

The What

When your muscles are all balanced, everything works in alignment without pain. This means that each muscle has ample strength and flexibility in order to handle everyday tasks, or any given sport. If a muscle is too weak, extra stress is transferred to joints that don't heal very well. If one muscle is overactive, the bone it is attached to will move towards the overactive muscle. Underactive muscles allow movements of bones away from them.

The How

By having you perform six very specific exercises I am able to tell any major muscle imbalances that are leading to improper movement patterns. There are roughly 120 things I observe during these six exercises which determine which, if any, muscle imbalances you have. 

The Why

Muscle imbalances alter movement patterns often leading to eventual injuries. By figuring them out, then planning on how to address them during your program design, we make sure that you limit your risk of injury. Some exercises are perfect for one person, and would lead to an injury in another due to muscle imbalances that they have.  This ultimately will save you time and money in the long run, giving you the best possible results.